Summer Solstice 2011 Turbo Turban Ecstasy

Sat Nam!
Every year I’ve committed to making a pilgrimage to the sacred ground of Ram Das Puri up in the mountains of Espanola, New Mexico.  This year was no exception and was my fourth consecutive trip to attend the *Summer Solstice celebration and White Tantric Yoga.
There were a lot of unusual and unique things that began influencing this trip for me right from the beginning.  The biggest one was this was my 4th time returning but the first time that my husband Omar was not with me.  I also felt strongly to try wearing a turban during Tantric, just to see what the difference or effect might be.
I had planned to leave much earlier than I had before, another different aspect, typically I arrive the day before White Tantric begins.  So, Wednesday June 15, bright and early I began my journey.  The drive was uneventful and full of anticipation to see old friends, shop in the bazaar and attend several precursor important meetings.
There is always a Tattva (5 elements) theme to the Summer Solstice experience.  This year was Air – the 4th Element which also applies to the Neutral Mind and Guru Ram Das – Love and the Heart Center.  The Wind was definitely blowing!  We had 70 mph winds Sunday night. I also made the keen observation that I was right in sync with the Tattva representation as it was my 4th time,  air is the 4th tattva, etc.  Sometimes with me it takes a good strong wind to knock me over before i “get it”  LOL!  Perhaps dear readers, some of you can relate to my human-ness.
June 21 – Summer is officially here and I’ve gathered with 2000 other participants to engage in the phenomenon of “White Tantric Yoga”.  Yogi Bhajan was the Mahan Tantric – simple explanation:  An elevated Being who receives tremendous energetic information and then disperses it in various methods – one of them being White Tantric Yoga.  The rules of engagement are that you only practice these meditations at this time, and there is a huge amount of subconscious clearing in the process of your participation.  The effects and transformation continue to solidify over a 40 day period of time once you’ve completed your White Tantric, and it’s important and recommended to have a dedicated personal sadhana practice during this time to amplify and strengthen the benefits.
Since beginning my practice of once a year, that’s all, attending this particular event and practice, my spiritual growth and upliftment continues to amaze me.  WOWZER! or in Yogic speak – Wahe Guru!
As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to try a turban on just to see how it would all work.  Turbans are a tool for energy containment and projection. When you wrap your head in a precise manner, it massages the frontal bones of the skull and stimulates your brain very specifically.  Also, you pull your hair up onto the top of your head in a Rishi or solar knot and that acts as a Solar conductor – to actively bring Pranic energy into your Energy field and Body.  Pretty cool huh!  I’ve been covering my head with my dear friend – Raghubir’s – cool product called KundaWrap or even a KundaBeanie, and wearing my hair most of the time in a knot up on top of my head for about 3 years once I discovered it really did make a difference to utilize this technology.  So into the bazaar I went in search of the exact right color of turban material and a willing person to tie one on with me!
I found just such a woman – Nam Jeev – who works for Tuhi Tuhi, an Indian/US company that provides Hindi clothing and beautiful turban material.  She was willing to wrap my head.  As I went around the corner to look in the mirror, I was apprehensive – what if I look ridiculous?  or weird?  Taking 3 deep breaths, I looked ; immediately a flood of emotions came over me.  “I know this Woman!”  was the first thought, and the second was “This feels really good!”.  I was surprised and intrigued to explore all of these new sensations and revelations.
The best way to describe what happens when I wear my turban is it creates an energy vortex or spiral at the top of my head. The spiral goes up and also opens up my crown chakra to receive what the upward spiral taps into.  I’m now wearing my turban every time I teach Kundalini Yoga as I want that information and extra boost so as a teacher I can relay it that much stronger to the students for whom I’m holding the space.  I also wear my turban whenever I’m offering my healing sessions – whether it’s numerology, quantum laser sessions, or sound healing with the gong or tibetan bowls.  It’s such a simple thing but it is Profound what it has opened up for me!
The White Tantric passed quickly, even though it was 2 grueling days – first day was 12 hours  and the second was 10,  Our third day was shorter but just as intense as we always complete our experience with “the Blind Walk”.  My beautiful partner was JasDeep – hence we became the Deep Connection.
I’m looking forward to next year and for now sharing all this beautiful energy and presence with each of you wherever our paths may meet – in class, in the grocery store, on the road, wherever and whenever.  We are All ONE.  I AM I AM.

Love is Love


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Melanie/Mandeep has been teaching and practicing Yoga for 15 years plus. In 2007 her Yoga practice took a quantam leap with the addition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She now primarily teaches this Yoga of the Aquarian Age in various aspects - therapeutic, prenatal, family yoga, womens yoga, yogic diet and men's yoga. Her classes are relaxing, fun, informative and transformational. All levels are welcome as she has a gift to bring everyone into a Sacred Space to relax, heal and be One as a Group Energy Experience.
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  1. Well said Mandeep…beautiful picture as well! Keep the blogs coming :-)

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