Running to my Destiny

Sat Nam!

I have had the good fortune of meeting and hosting “The Mystical Arts of Tibet”* several times through the years here in Southern Utah.  These good people are sponsored by Richard Gere and travel yearly to promote peace and educate people about the plight of the Tibetan Buddhist Culture and people being endangered to lose their culture and Buddhist teachings.  Through these encounters I have strongly connected with one of their Geshe’s – Geshe Dorjee  – who is a resident and teacher at the University of Arkansas.  He has single handedly created an flourishing program called “TEXT”  Tibetans in Exile Today,* which is sponsored by the Fulbright program and studies at the University.  He has also created a wonderful and thriving Tibetan Arts Center in Fayetteville, AK.
Last year I received an invite to come to Fayetteville to hear his Holiness, the XIV Dalai Lama speak in 2 separate programs regarding the practice of Non-Violence and Peaceful Action.  Of course I immediately accepted.

May 11, 2011, I boarded the plane in Las Vegas to take me to Fayetteville.  I was very excited and a bit anxious – “Will I actually meet his Holiness?” keep running through my mind.  I didn’t expect to and finally settled into the satisfaction and acceptance that whether meeting him personally or not, this trip was going to be life changing.

May 12 – the first lecture began in the morning and as I entered the Arena, I was escorted to the floor, 2nd row center!  Wow!  I was able to clearly hear him and feel his presence from this vantage point, and the same seating was arranged for the afternoon session.  I left on Cloud 9 very happy and content with my experience.

May 13- I was scheduled to leave that late morning.  I arose around 5:30am, and began my preparations to pack and check out.  My room mate was a lovely woman from Alabama who had hosted Geshe la when he first arrived in the US and attended English classes at the University of Alabama.  She received a call and was picked up very shortly to be taken up the hill to another hotel where his Holiness had been staying.  I reflected for a moment – should i call to see if I could come as well? – and made a call to her.  She reasurred me – Yes! Come!  We are gathering to send off his Holiness for a safe journey.
I dressed quickly, grabbed my prayer shawl, and literally sprinted the 8 blocks up hill to the other hotel.  I realized later that I was “running to my destiny”.
There was a small gathering on the lawn of the hotel and I assumed we would remain there to wave and send blessings to his Holiness as he left.  He is heavily guarded with Secret Service so to come close would have been unacceptable.
10 minutes later to my disbelief, we were being escorted inside the hotel, security checked and then ushered into a small conference room.  I was about to meet in person the Dalai Lama!  As he walked into the room, again this amazing presence flooded the room and me and of course everyone else.
We were organized into 3 groups for picture taking purposes.  As he approached the group I was in, the room became very white and quiet.  He brushed past me and then as he turned to the camera, reached across another person to take my hand.  I took his hand and immediately was flooded with immense Love, Compassion and Strength. I began to weep, immersed in these wonderful joyful feelings.  The experience elevated me to a higher conciousness of compassion in which I now Abide.
I encourage you dear readers, to support the preservation of the Tibetan Culture.  The Dalai Lama made it very clear that this preservation is vital for all Humanity.  I’ve been sponsoring a nun for 4 years now.  She writes me the sweetest letters and we are both grateful to have our connection.  It’s literally $1 a day to support these wonderful monks and nuns in their monasteries and nunneries in India.  Tibetan Nun Project is who I sponsor her through.

All of the donations and income that is collected from the Healing Center goes towards these causes and more.

Love is Love


About Melanie

Melanie/Mandeep has been teaching and practicing Yoga for 15 years plus. In 2007 her Yoga practice took a quantam leap with the addition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She now primarily teaches this Yoga of the Aquarian Age in various aspects - therapeutic, prenatal, family yoga, womens yoga, yogic diet and men's yoga. Her classes are relaxing, fun, informative and transformational. All levels are welcome as she has a gift to bring everyone into a Sacred Space to relax, heal and be One as a Group Energy Experience.
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  1. Jeff McCown says:

    Very Cool Melanie. This is my favorite buddhist teacher. He is from the Bon religion Tibetan Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Peace, Jeff

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